Covit-19 Health & Activity Journal の公開

Office Initiativeでは、当該アプリの企業内配布、一般公開の募集をしています。

新型コロナウイルス の感染拡大を防ごう!


このアプリは、個々の人の体温・血圧・体調管理と活動を記録することにより、その人が新型コロナウイルス に感染した時、更なる感染拡大を迅速に抑制するための情報を提供することを目的としています。



検索にNick Nameを入れると、直近の記録から順次リスト表示できます。







- 感染対策の基本は標準要望策の徹底に加え,飛沫・接触予防対策である


- 咳などの症状がない人との濃厚接触(手の届く範囲で一定時間)でも感染が伝播することの可能性が示唆されている










Let's prevent the spread of the new coronavirus!


This app records the temperature, blood pressure, physical condition management and activities of each individual, and provides information to quickly control the spread of that individual when the individual becomes infected with the new coronavirus.


The app can record the health status and activities of each person and family.

If you enter Nick Name in the search, you can display the list from the most recent record.

On the health screen, you can record your body temperature, blood pressure and physical condition every morning and evening for each nickname.

On the activity screen, for each nickname, you can record the daily visit, location, visitor, transportation, and comments. When you tap the button of the current location, the location information is recorded on the map, and the annotation is displayed when redisplaying.

For example, a friend's house A and a place are described, and the current map is registered at the friend's house.


Points of infection control


-Infection control is based on thorough standard request measures as well as splash and contact prevention measures.


-It is suggested that the infection can be transmitted even in close contact with people without symptoms such as coughing (for a certain time within reach).


-Consider more infectious than normal influenza and need to consider using N95 masks and goggles depending on the situation (eg consultation of patients complaining of coughing or sneezing)


-Thoroughly perform hand hygiene and environmental disinfection because the rubbing alcohol is effective.


-Tears and eye secretions may also contain the virus


-The new coronavirus has been shown to be excreted in feces, and it is necessary to pay attention to the aerosolization of contaminated water after toilet drainage