Associative Memory - 記憶結合法





例えば、一つのツアーとして、朝の出勤経路をイメージし、最初は家を出るところ、次に駅の改札、、ホームでの電車待ち、 電車の中、、、会社に到着、、、デスクでコーヒーを飲む、、、、 などなどイルージできます。


記憶するワードとして、ランダムに、「傘」、「カレーライス」、「宿題」、「料理」、「シャワー」があるとして、傘とカレーライスをペアにして、家の玄関を出る場面のイメージに、ストリートして 「玄関に立つと、真っ赤なブーツがあり、その中に折り畳み傘が入っていた、ドアを開けようとしたら、妻が今夜は息子の誕生日でカレーにするが、オマール海老を買ってきてと声かけられた」 など、ストリーのイメージになるべく奇抜な物語を考え記憶しやすくする。







This app is an app that uses the associative connection method for memory training.


When storing multiple words or phrases, first convert the two memorable words or phrases into easy-to-remember words or phrases, set a tour that is easy to associate, and set the two memories for each scene of the tour. Memorize words and phrases that should be used as a story with them. Then, it converts the words and phrases that should be memorized one after another and associates them with the previous story and memorizes a new story.


For example, as one tour, imagine the morning attendance route, first leaving the house, then the ticket gate of the station, then waiting for the train at the platform, on the train, arriving at the office, coffee at the desk You can drink, so on,…


As the words to be remembered randomly, "Umbrella", "Curry and Rice", "Homework", "Cooking", and "Shower", and the image of the scene of leaving the front door of the house by pairing the umbrella and curry and rice. On the street, "When I stood at the front door, there were bright red boots with a folding umbrella inside, and when I tried to open the door, my wife said that she will serve curry tonight for my son's birthday, but with lobster. I was asked to buy it,” and made it easier to remember and think of a strange story as the image of the story.


The app records each tour and adds a story to each tour for each word or phrase that it remembers. Attach a photo library or a photo suitable for the scene of the tour with the camera to the image.


Memory athletes are doing this training, remembering all the rows of cards, remembering a shopping list of 50 items, and training to improve their memory.

If you are a student, the range of applications is wide, such as remembering English words and describing historical times.