Tour Guide App for Non Japanese

For people;

This is App for those who are traveling  or doing business  in Japan. All of you have experience to wander understanding Japanese anywhere your are,  such as on the street to look at signs, in the restaurant to see menu,  or looking at Japanese guide book, guide paper, warning so on.


This App is easy to use and get very sophisticated way of text recognition and translation by using Firebase Machine Learning  and Goole Translation Services as Fee Services.


You need to buy ticket at Apple In-App-Purchase,  which will credit 300 times DETECT counter, which  you can  detect text on an image you get by camera or photo Lib.





Right after buying App, you can credit 300 times (DETECT Counter) to detect text or labeling by Cloud Services on images, following are step to use the App.


(1)  Tap “Start” button at top right corner on instruction screen.


(2)  On Detect Text screen,  you can choose “Camera” or “Photo Lib” to detect text.


(3) Then, you can select “Text Detect by Cloud Services“ or “Document Detect by Cloud Services” or “Image Labeling by Cloud Services”


(4) Once you take an image, you can tap “Detect” button to recognize text or characters or labeling on an image including in Japanese text or characters.


(5) At the same time, the App can translate detected text to English and you can see the English text at Translated Text.


(6) If you want to share the image, detected text and translated text , you can use iOS standard “Share” functions, such as AirDrop, Mail, Messenger so on.


(7)  Please make sure how many times you will be able to detect text by Remaining DETECT Counter.


 (8)  If the DETECT counter reached “Zero”, then you have to buy App again on In-App-Purchase screen.